1099-B Importer
.csv to .txf converter

Convert .csv tax files into .txf files

Getting your 1099-B cost basis information into your favorite tax software can be a time-consuming task. TurboTax® and TaxCut® support direct 1099-B downloading from only a few brokers. While they allow importing stock transactions from a .txf file, most brokers do not offer this file format. With no good import solution, you could spend hours manually entering each trade you made during the year.

This is where 1099-B Importer comes in handy. It converts .csv files into .txf files compliant with the latest v042 TXF specification. These .txf files can then be easily imported in your tax software. 1099-B Importer works on virtually any .csv file, you just have to specify the column mapping.

1099-B Importer is free and does not require downloading any software. The new 2020 version is online.