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How to use 1099-B Importer

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You use this software at your own risk. Carefully review the end-user license agreement (EULA) before using 1099-B Importer.

How to Use 1099-B Importer

Launch 1099-B Importer and follow the prompts:
  1. Review the information on the welcome screen, then press 'Next'.
  2. Select the .csv to convert, press 'Next'.
  3. Specify the column mapping, press 'Next'.
  4. Select the path of the target .txf, , press 'Next'.
  5. 1099-B Importer will display an error message for each line that can not be processed.
  6. Review the final summary.

Column Mapping

All column indexes are 0-based: column 0 is the first column.

Use the built-in mapping or specify a mapping column by column.

  • Stock description column: contains the security description as you would like it to appear on your tax forms (e.g. "Apple, Inc." or "AAPL").
  • Stock quantity column: contains the number of shares/options traded.
  • Cost/Proceeds column: contains the total cost/proceeds, NOT the per share amounts.
  • Date bought/sold column: contains the date of the purchase/sale.
  • Disallowed loss column: contains any loss disallowed because of the wash sale rule. This has to be entered as a positive amount.
    Note: 1099-B Importer does not identify disallowed losses for you, it only converts what is provided in the .csv file.
  • Form 8949 box column: contains either A, B, C, D, E, F. This indicates which form 8949 the transaction belongs to.
    New for 2013: Boxes D, E, F are replacing boxes A, B, C for long-term transactions. However some brokers have not updated their forms and still report long-term transactions with box A, B, C. 1099-B Importer will handle both A/B/C or D/E/F correctly for long-term transactions.
    See "Additional Tax Help" for more information about form 8949.
  • "Let my tax software figure out the holding period of box C and F transactions": TurboTax expects box C and F transactions to be imported without a holding period otherwise TurboTax reports errors during review time. Depending on your tax software you may need to uncheck this box.

For a complete example, download our sample transaction file. Its columns match the built-in "Common Brokerage" mapping.

Note: some transactions must be reported with a code (E, R, S, ...) in column (f) of form 8949. With the exception of wash sales, these codes are not supported by the .txf standard. These transactions will have to be entered manually in your tax software.

Error Messages

  • If a date cannot be parsed or is missing, 1099-B Importer will ask you to mark the transaction as short-term or long-term. You may also choose to skip the line or abort the conversion.
  • If a line cannot be processed (e.g. missing columns), 1099-B Importer will ask you if you wish to skip the line or abort the conversion.

If you are having trouble with the mapping or the content of the columns, please refer to our sample transaction file. It contains several examples of stock and option transactions. Its columns match the built-in "Common Brokerage" mapping.

Final Review

At the end of the conversion, a summary is displayed indicating the number of lines in the .csv file that could not be processed. Please review these carefully.

Carefully review the final result after importing in your tax software as there are very strict rules about how different types of trades must be reported. Complete instructions are available on the IRS website. As a starting point, look at Publication 550 and "2013 Instructions for Schedule D (and Form 8949)".
Pay special attention to

  • Short sales.
  • Wash sales: make sure you have not missed any wash sales. 1099-B Importer simply converts the data in the .csv file you provided but otherwise does not indentify wash sales.
  • Option trades.
  • Option Assignments and Exercises.
  • Dates and totals.

Additional Tax Help

Our favorite tax book is the J.K. Lasser.
Free instructions and publications are also available on the IRS website. For capital gains, as a starting point, look at Publication 550 and "2013 Instructions for Schedule D (and Form 8949)".

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